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Whether you’re a homeowner utilising a basic scaffold for home improvement work, or a commercial/industrial entity with a sprawling and complex scaffold that will stand for a far longer period of time than the average domestic structure, it’s extremely important you tick all the boxes when it comes to scaffolding compliance. Otherwise, you could risk serious injury, damage to property or even a fatality – and all the legal culpability that comes with the aforementioned events. Tag Safe, the Surrey area’s first choice for scaffolding inspections (also referred to as scaffolding surveys), scaffolding reports and anchor testing, helps you do just this.


Exactly how? That’s the subject of this article. But if you’re a repeat client and already well aware of the various ways that we assist persons and companies in the Surrey area with all aspects of scaffolding compliance, this may not be of much use to you. Instead, call us right away to book scaffolding inspections, scaffolding reports or anchor testing by dialling 07905 095 220.


How Independent Scaffolding Inspections Can Help Your Business


Accident Prevention

Even the most minor of accidents can be a major nuisance; they can delay projects as a worker might need to recover, and leave you filling in paperwork due to meet the requirements of relevant health and safety regulations. And when many accidents at height that occur in Surrey are due to things that would be picked up on during the scaffolding inspections and scaffolding reports we carry out, you can already start to see the value in the services we offer.


Reduce Chance of Fatality

While with the introduction of new regulations, equipment and best practice has massively reduces falling from height fatalities, this is still one of the biggest causes of death in the construction trade. A big reason they happen: botched scaffold construction. The scaffolding surveys and anchor testing services we provide Surrey clients identify weaknesses within a structure, allowing you to fix them before they cause a nasty, if not lethal fall. This is perhaps the most important reason for you to take a serious approach to scaffolding compliance.


Avoid Breaching Regulation

Cut corners and mistakes in scaffolding erection and maintenance don’t always lead to injuries and fatalities; but they can lead to legal culpability due to a breach of regulation. This can cause projects to stutter to a halt due to complaints from the public, clients etc. Legal proceedings are slow, and fines can completely ruin a business. Our scaffolding inspections and scaffolding reports help Surrey clients stay on the right side of the law.


Expert, Honest Advice

Another big benefit of utilising an independent company for scaffolding surveys, anchor testing and other aspects of scaffolding compliance, is you’ll get honest advice from genuine specialists who are truly the best in the business. You risk getting rushed, inaccurate or merely poor advice when opting for unproven alternatives, who might also carry out scaffolding erection around Surrey, as well as scaffolding inspections etc. So why opt for any less than the best in the business?

Get full peace of mind, knowing that you’re achieving full scaffolding compliance. Call 07905 095 220 for affordable, yet thorough and detailed scaffolding inspections in Surrey.

If you’re legally responsible for scaffolding inspections, anchor testing and scaffolding reports in Kent, call us on 07905 095 220.

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