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Tag Safe Ltd provides a range of services that guarantee complete scaffolding compliance. We work alongside domestic, commercial and industrial clients in order to fulfil their legal responsibilities as stated in the Work at Height Regulations 2005 and the CDM Regulations 2015. Whether it’s initial scaffolding surveys, scaffolding inspections of assembled structures or preliminary anchor testing, we ensure that construction projects across Kent, East Sussex and London continue safely and without disruption to their planned conclusion.


We carry out services within a 60-mile radius of our base in Tonbridge. Our dedicated, professional team shares 30 years of trade and industry experience, allowing for scaffolding inspections with a quick turnaround but no compromise on safety.


Our range of services in Kent, East Sussex and London include:


  • Weekly Scaffolding Inspections
  • One-Off Scaffolding Inspections
  • Scaffolding Surveys
  • Anchor Testing
  • Handover Certificates
  • Complete Scaffolding Compliance


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What to Expect from Our Team


Below, we have outlined the role played by our personnel during specific services undertaken in the Kent, East Sussex and London area.


Scaffolding Inspections – By law, scaffolding inspections must take place a week after handover and every 7 days thereafter. In addition, checks must also be carried out in the aftermath of any severe weather conditions or after any alterations.


Failure to comply with these regulations could result in a minimum fine of £2,000. Further punishments include the HSE condemning the scaffolding and shutting down the site. From small house extensions to huge industrial projects, the HSE treats scaffolding compliance with the same importance, regardless of the project’s size.


When undertaken by our fully-trained personnel, scaffolding inspections in Kent, East Sussex and London include extensive examinations of:


• Plumbness & Signs of Buckling

• Base Plates & Sole Plates

• Transoms & Ledgers

• The Bracing of Standards

• Independent Load-Carrying Members

• Transverse & Façade Bracing

• Netting & Weather Protection

• Guard Rails & Toe Boards

• Scaffold Ties & Ladder Security

• Decking


We tailor our scaffolding inspections to suit the unique requirements of our clients and their site. Whichever approach we take, Tag Safe Ltd ensures complete scaffolding compliance.

Scaffolding Surveys – In order to design and assemble the safest possible scaffold, our team first carries out scaffolding surveys. This allows us to assess the finer details and dimensions of sites in Kent, East Sussex and London.  Scaffold structures built to our findings and recommendations offer a safe and sturdy platform to meet exact specifications.


By also taking into account budgetary requirements, time constraints and any other special circumstances, we can sit down with our clients and plan out the ideal course of action. The scaffolding surveys that we provide always focus on maintaining safety for the operatives and tradespeople that use them as well as the public in the vicinity.


Anchor Testing – As such a vital component within the scaffolding structure, the choice, installation and testing of anchors remains vital to overall stability and safety. Our anchor testing service ensures that the selected option has the capabilities to handle the horizontal and vertical loads placed upon it.


Our anchor testing also involves the following:


  • Anchor Selection Advice
  • Preliminary Testing
  • Proof Testing
  • Test Reports


Tag Safe undertakes every aspect of our anchor testing in accordance with TG4:17 (Anchorage Systems for Scaffolding) as outlined by the NASC in order to guarantee ongoing scaffolding compliance.

Handover Certificates – While handover certificates have no status as a legal requirement, they remain standard practice due to their benefit to all concerned parties. The certificate itself proves that the scaffold at hand, be it in Kent, East Sussex or London, was fully compliant with the Work at Height Regulations 2005 when the handover took place.


In addition, handover certificates also prove useful in outlining the limitations of scaffolding use to the client. This could include aspects such as a limit on how many lifts can be loaded at once or the overall load on the entire structure itself.


The results and findings of our scaffolding inspections, scaffolding surveys and anchor testing help us to generate scaffolding reports.

To talk over options for scaffolding inspections, anchor testing, scaffolding surveys and scaffolding compliance at your site in Kent, East Sussex or London, call 07905 095 220.

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