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Tag Safe are not conventional scaffolders; we specialise not in the design and erection of access systems, but in helping individuals and companies in and around the London area fulfil scaffolding compliance requirements, such as the Work at Height Regulations 2005. However, due to the nature of our work, penning scaffolding reports and carrying out anchor testing and scaffolding surveys, we’re uniquely aware of the various hazards that working from height can present if unprepared or undertrained.


So in this blog post, we’ve looked to run through a few of the various hazards that you should be aware of, whether you’re a veteran scaffolder who has been around the block, or a DIY enthusiast making use of a structure for the first time, perhaps to decorate the exterior of a property. Remember, you are legally obliged to invest in scaffolding inspections every 7 days, and after any suspected damage – whether caused by environmental factors, an accident, or purposefully as a result of trespass or vandalism.


We can help safeguard your workforce and protect your property from catastrophic damage by conducting thorough scaffolding inspections that identify any potential concerns, and recommend means of addressing them. In short, we provide peace of mind that there’s no structural risks with your scaffold, which could also result in significant fines or scaffolding being condemned, leading to delays to London developments while legal proceedings occur.


Hazards When Working from Height


Falls – Obviously, designs should feature the right safety features to minimise the risk of a fall; yet falls from height still happen each year in the London area, often due to reckless use. Sometimes it’s something unavoidable, like a trespasser; other times it’s due to work being carried out too quickly and without proper care and attention, or because tripping hazards have been left on a scaffold.


Objects & Materials – Tools and construction materials, and objects of all shapes and sizes, have been known to fall off from scaffolds and cause injury to those passing below. Keeping a clean and tidy site at both ground level (to avoid tripping hazards on the ground), and at height (to avoid falling objects causing serious injury to persons or damage to property), is thus an essential part of any London development’s best practice.


Structural Stability – The scaffolding inspections we carry out for clients in and around the London area look to reduce this risk to almost zero; but some companies and individuals working at height neglect organising them. In some other cases, amateurish or unqualified scaffolders have even forgone scaffolding surveys or drawing up plans and erected something fundamentally unsound for immediate use; this, it almost goes without saying, is highly illegal.


So be sure to invest in scaffolding inspections from our team in the following circumstances:


  • Initial set-up before first use
  • Every 7 days
  • After inclement weather
  • After suspected vandalism
  • Following any structural alteration


Weather – Working at height in bad weather, from heavy rain to strong winds, snow or hail, is very dangerous; in most cases it is ill advised, unless the scaffold has been shielded from the weather and workers are trained at operating in such conditions. Poor visibility and increased slip chance on wet boards massively increases risk factors. We’d urge London clients consider waiting for the weather to pass, and invest in scaffolding inspections should the weather be strong enough to have potentially shifted parts of the scaffolding.


Lack of PPE – The number of preventable injuries that result due to neglecting proper personal protective equipment is staggering; when carrying out scaffolding inspections in London, the Tag Safe team always makes sure to use quality hard hats, gloves, work boots, high-vis jackets and appropriate equipment that manages the unique risks presented by the environment itself. Anyone making use of the scaffold should follow suit, minimising the chance of injury and reducing severity in the case something does occur.

Reduce the risk involved in working at height and fulfil legislative requirements with our scaffolding inspections in London. Call us today on 07905 095 220.

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