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Our inaugural blog post looks at a core question we often receive from clients in the Bromley area: when do I need to arrange scaffolding inspections? For while most are aware that compliance regulations require weekly inspections by competent persons – such as Tag Safe, which specialises in scaffolding surveys, scaffolding reports and anchor tasting – there are other situations that may warrant for scaffolding inspections outside the aforementioned weekly visit.


If you experience any of the below, we urge you to contact the Tag Safe team. An unsafe scaffold is an obvious hazard, not just to those working on it, but anyone passing underneath or close-by it; that’s to say nothing of the damage to property that collapsing elements can cause, which can be astronomical in terms of cost. Simply call our team, located close-by Bromley and thus able to promptly provide scaffolding inspections / anchor testing, minimising the time that work is delayed. You can reach us on 07905 095 220.


5 Situations That Call for Scaffolding Inspections


After Installation – As soon as a structure has been erected on a domestic, commercial or industrial site in Bromley, it needs to be inspected. Many of our clients handle this themselves, but legally require a scaffolding compliance professional to attest that their work meets all relevant regulatory standards – including the Work At Height Regulations 2005. Scaffolding inspections that green light a structure as safe for use are a core aspect of what we do.


Following Inclement Weather – When a serious storm hits Bromley, tree branches can fly off boughs, unanchored items can blow down the road and havoc breaks loose; scaffolding structures, while designed and constructed to be resistant to such factors, should still undergo scaffolding inspections to ensure that winds have not somehow impacted structural integrity.


Unauthorised Access – It’s more common than you think: kids looking for a climbing frame, or adults who’ve had a few too many drinks climb a scaffold, risking their health. While obviously illegal due to trespassing laws, it’s important that scaffold operators who suspect that their scaffold has been illegally accessed and used get it checked. Unauthorised users do not abide by proper scaffold usage rules nor maximum load, so may have led to their damage.


Vandalism – While fairly uncommon in Bromley, there are still the odd instances where cameras or security guards have caught vandals using scaffolds to graffiti, or otherwise damage properties; in some cases, the scaffold itself is vandalised. Tag Safe’s scaffolding inspections can provide peace of mind, ensuring that these criminal acts do not lead to the injury or death of a scaffold user.


The Weekly Inspection – Despite mentioning this at the start of our blog, we wish to drive home the importance of property owners, sole traders and development companies investing in regular scaffolding inspections from a time-served, certified scaffolding compliance specialist – every 7 days, and never longer than that. Not only would this mean a violation of building regulations etc, it becomes highly dangerous for peoples and property.

Whether it’s routine, weekly anchor testing or urgently required scaffolding inspections due to one of the above situations that you require – call Bromley’s Tag Safe on 07905 095 220.

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