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SMART Inspector makes scheduling, conducting and reporting on scaffold inspections simple and efficient. It has been specifically designed to meet contractor’s needs and meet current legislation. We can choose what reports are sent out: a daily detailed inspection report, a daily inspection summary and/or a weekly inspection status report. We are also able to add notes and photographs if necessary, then each inspection report can be automatically emailed to the contractor. More importantly, if any scaffold is non-compliant and needs immediate attention the report will highlight the issues to be rectified before any accidents occur.


There are a range of reports that we can run and download, including checking the inspection status of all standing scaffolds and the ability to view the inspection history of a scaffold, which are held for six years on a Cloud storage.


Here at Tag Safe Ltd, we produce scaffolding reports in line with the results and findings of our scaffolding inspections. When it comes to the safety of sites in Kent, East Sussex and London, our personnel work to nothing less than complete scaffolding compliance. By adhering to all required legislation, including CDM Regulations 2015 and the Work at Height Regulations 2005, we ensure that our clients meet their legal responsibilities. By outlining our findings and actions in a securely-stored report, we safeguard our clients against any future liabilities.


The scaffolding reports that we generate for clients in Kent, East Sussex and London include:


  1. The name and address of the person that carried out the scaffolding inspection.
  2. The name and address of the client for whom we provided the inspection.
  3. The location of the inspection as well as the date and the time.
  4. A description of the work place or where the scaffolding materials were inspected
  5. Details of any structural defects or anything else that might pose a threat to the health or safety of any person, as well as any action taken to resolve these.
  6. Further details of any other actions considered necessary to maintain scaffolding compliance. This includes those taken promptly as it aids with identifying and resolving recurring problems within structures across Kent, East Sussex and London.


For the ultimate peace of mind, we offer data storage of scaffolding reports for 6 years. This ensures supporting documentation remains easily accessible for any future insurance claims or disputes that may arise.


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The Importance of Scaffolding Reports


The issuing of weekly scaffolding reports became a legal requirement for good reason. Preceding our reports, scaffolding inspections take place on assembled structures in Kent, East Sussex and London before use and every 7 days thereafter. This process only stops when the scaffolding becomes redundant and undergoes dismantling.


The combination of scaffolding inspections and reports ensures the upholding of optimal safety standards, including scaffolding compliance, for the entire structure over the course of its use. Ultimately, the standards set by the HSE, and the work carried out by Tag Safe, strive to eliminate workplace accidents, injuries and fatalities.


Continued monitoring of standards remains the surest way to achieve this.


Our weekly scaffolding reports ensure that construction at sites in Kent, East Sussex and London continues uninterrupted. Not only do does this meet set timescales and budgets, it also plays a vital role in maintaining and improving the reputation of our business clients.


Tag Safe Ltd fulfils all legal responsibilities that face our clients in regard to scaffolding compliance. From the initial scaffolding inspections to the following scaffolding reports, we keep construction sites open, lawful and, most importantly, safe.


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