From Scaffolding Reports to Anchor Testing in Kent | Reasons to Choose Us

Here at Tag Safe Ltd, we cover every aspect of work required to ensure total scaffolding compliance in Kent. By entrusting their legal responsibilities to us, our clients can rest assured that the work we carry out keeps scaffold structures safe, stable and lawful. From scaffolding surveys to anchor testing, and from scaffolding inspections to scaffolding reports, our team utilises expertise and experience to guarantee a fully-operational scaffold at all times.


Below, we have chosen a handful of the most common reasons why our clients in Kent choose our services.


1. Experience – Our team shares 30 years of trade and industry experience, allowing us to call on decades of know-how. From an extensive knowledge of the Work at Height Regulations 2005 to an array of problems already faced and solved, we provide a reliable foundation for scaffolding compliance.


As the hirer of scaffolding materials, our Kent clients hold a legal responsibility to ensure that fit-and-proper personnel carry out scaffolding inspections to uphold safety. Quite simply, they only want to leave a task of such importance in the trusted hands of Tag Safe.


2. Guaranteed Compliance – Construction sites run to precise schedules with set budgets and timescales. Our client could be a domestic homeowner undertaking a home extension or a huge company carrying out extensive renovations on a public building; regardless, they both expect scaffolding compliance from their service. Without it, the HSE could condemn their scaffold and shut it down. Needless to say, this would have a huge impact on the financial aspect of a project, as well as the reputation of any Kent-based company involved.


At Tag Safe Ltd, we work to a guarantee of total scaffolding compliance. We have carried out countless scaffolding surveys and scaffolding inspections, conducted anchor testing innumerable times and produced just as many scaffolding reports. No matter the size or design of the scaffold structure, we know how to ensure compliance.


3. A Bespoke Service - Every building and site that we work on has unique dimensions and terrain, so it stands to reason that our service comes with flexibility. We offer a tailored approach to the work we undertake in Kent to ensure that our clients receive a service that suits their every requirement.


From initial scaffolding surveys that map out the site area to providing specific anchor testing to suit the materials in place, we adapt our service to what our clients present us. This remains true of our scaffolding inspections and scaffolding reports, too. These structures come in an array of styles, but with our experience and professionalism, we undertake our work swiftly to minimise disruption without any compromise on our guarantee of scaffolding compliance.


The above represent just some of the reasons why we remain the trusted choice for scaffolding surveys, inspections and reports in the Kent area. From handover certificates to emergency callouts and from fully-insured work to data storage for 6 years, find out why our reputation continues to grow by getting in touch today.

If you’re legally responsible for scaffolding inspections, anchor testing and scaffolding reports in Kent, call us on

07905 095 220.

If you’re legally responsible for scaffolding inspections, anchor testing and scaffolding reports in Kent, call us on 07905 095 220.

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