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The team at Tag Safe Ltd treats safety with paramount importance. As specialists in scaffolding compliance, we assume the legal responsibility for ensuring that scaffold structures in East Sussex adhere to HSE regulations. With severe penalties handed out for non-compliant scaffolds, we ensure that the our scaffolding inspections and scaffolding reports meet the very highest of standards. With an array of other services such as anchor testing and scaffolding surveys, we deliver a complete safety package for our clients.


We recognise that our services may not be familiar to some clients, so we have outlined below exactly what our work in East Sussex consists of.


1. Scaffolding Surveys – As we carry out our services at domestic, commercial and industrial sites, we encounter a variety of locations, each with their own unique dimensions. In order to ensure that our clients’ scaffold fits their building perfectly, we undertake scaffolding surveys. The information that we gather informs the design and scale of the structure, guaranteeing the perfect scaffold for the job.


As an initial step, scaffolding surveys play a vital role in laying the foundations for a smooth construction process while guaranteeing our clients in East Sussex total scaffolding compliance.


2. Anchor Testing –  As a vital component of any scaffold structure, it remains essential that anchors perform to the very best of their abilities in order to ensure scaffolding compliance. When it comes to anchor testing, the key checks involve preliminary and proof tests.


We undertake preliminary anchor testing in East Sussex to ensure that the chosen anchor suits the building substrate. These tests usually occur if any doubts arise regarding the suitability of the base material into which the anchors will be installed. In compliance with TG4:11 (Anchorage Systems for Scaffolding), we carry out anchor testing on five sample anchors, applying a load two times that of the stated working load. The exception to this is nylon inserts; we test these with three times the working load.


3. Scaffolding Inspections – This service plays a pivotal part in ensuring scaffolding compliance in East Sussex. Scaffolding inspections remain a legal requirement and must meet the guidelines set down in the Work at Height Regulations 2005. This legislation states that scaffolding inspections must take place prior to being used, every subsequent 7 days of use thereafter and following any event or circumstance that could jeopardise safety, such as alterations or severe weather conditions.


Responsibility to meet these legal obligations lies with the hirer of the scaffolding. In order to guarantee scaffolding compliance, Tag Safe takes on this responsibility. As a company, we meet the HSE guidance of “a competent person whose combination on knowledge, training and experience is appropriate for the type and complexity of the scaffold”.


4. Scaffolding Reports – With the information collated from scaffolding inspections, we then produce written scaffolding reports. These must remain on site until the project comes to an end. Following completion of the project, we provide data storage for scaffolding reports for 6 years. This offers our clients in East Sussex easy access to the documents for any arising disputes or insurance claims.


Scaffolding reports detail the continued monitoring of scaffolding compliance, outlining any problems that arise and subsequent action taken to rectify them. They provide evidence that scaffolding structures maintained optimal safety standards for the duration of their use.

To ensure legal scaffolding compliance in East Sussex through anchor testing, scaffolding surveys, scaffolding inspections and scaffolding reports, call us on 07905 095 220.

To ensure legal scaffolding compliance in East Sussex through anchor testing, scaffolding surveys, scaffolding inspections and scaffolding reports, call us on

07905 095 220.

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