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Tag Safe has become increasingly active in the Bromley area over recent years, providing everything from scaffolding surveys and scaffolding inspections, to anchor testing. Domestic, commercial and industrial clients in the area know us as scaffolding compliance specialists who ensure that staff and members of the public are kept safe when working at height or passing underneath a scaffold, and all legal requirements are kept on top with via the provision of timely scaffolding reports.


On this page, we’ve looked to detail some of the core aspects of the Work at Height Regulations 2005 – perhaps the most important document pertaining to scaffolding compliance, and the use of access systems by individuals and companies. Should you have a question regarding this or anything else across our website, or wish to get a quote on scaffolding inspections or scaffolding surveys in the Bromley area, pick up the phone and give us a call on 07905 095 220.


How the Work at Height Regulations 2005 Effect You


First things first, it’s important to note that the regulations stipulate all scaffolds must be designed by bespoke calculation, and by a competent persons; amateur attempts at design and erection simply fall far short of legally mandated scaffolding compliance. The scaffolding surveys we carry out in Bromley and its surrounds can help here, gathering information and suggesting: where a scaffold is located, the time it will be required, its intended use, recommended dimensions, number of boarded lifts and walkways, methods of access, implementation of sheeting, netting and similar features, ground conditions and risk factors posed by the site/environment, relevant factors effecting the structure against which the scaffold will be erected.


These factors will also inform the type of scaffold required, maximum heights and lengths of constitutive elements, arrangements of boarding, safe working areas, maximum loads, details of any additional elements, etc. In short, our scaffolding surveys allow Bromley clients to properly plan a structure that will meet all scaffolding  compliance requirements, and enable safe and efficient work at height so projects can proceed at their proper pace.


The Work at Height Regulations 2005 also stipulate the requirements of scaffolding inspections after initial establishment of the structure, every 7 days following, and after the periods of inclement weather that are known to roll through Bromley. We can handle these requirements, and provide in-depth scaffolding reports as and when required; should you be utilising anchors to keep particular structures in place, our anchor testing service can also ensure that they are fit for purpose.


All scaffolding must be erected, taken down and altered in a safe manner by recognised competent persons – and following any alterations, scaffolding inspections must be conducted in order to ensure the overall integrity of the new structure.  Other aspects of the regulations Bromley clients should be aware of, include:


  • All scaffolders erecting an access solution should be competent and trained in the relevant techniques for the project at hand
  • Scaffolding companies must provide an appropriate level of supervision for the task at hand
  • Trainee scaffolders must also be directly supervised by a qualified, competent scaffolder


What emerges here is how important it is to find competent scaffolders: something we’re always happy to advice our Bromley clients on, ensuring that the scaffolding inspections and scaffolding reports we carry out don’t turn up major structural errors and issues with compliance!

Tag Safe are bona fide scaffolding compliance specialists, handling all the requirements of Bromley clients – including scaffolding inspections and scaffolding surveys.

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